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The Dark Faerie Princess of Hepsei


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Rinitia is the Empress, a more political faerie queen. She is well known for her dress inspired by Ancient Chinese Empress' and her magnificent crown.


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Flora is Rianna and Kapars daughter. She is the only princess of the faeries, and soon she will become Queen. Often she is seen looking out the window dreaming of being Queen.


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Allora is ONE of the princess's in the Depths of Mer, her fathers kingdom, in this picture it shows her finding a gem much like the ones on the throne


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Firefly is the Laquana (fire land) princess.


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Kaspar is king of all faeries. As you may have noticed, he does not possess wings. This is because he is not of faerie blood, he was originally an elven prince.
His throne is made of golden pearls harvested by the mermaids and water faeries, but the three large gems are especially precious, they represent the royal family.
His metal blade and plate show his extreme wealth and importance. Metal is very scarce in faerie land and must be found in his homeland-TanaSur, land of the elves.


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The previous king, Rianna's father as well as Ora's. The capitol city of Mazerthe was named after him.

RIANNA Queen of all Faeries

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Rianna is the Queen if all legendary creatures. She is the second of three daughters of Eliya, and has a daughter of her own, Flora


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Ora was once a beautiful young princess oblivious to the darkness of the shadowed land. Her past name was Malnina meaning "the sun and the moon", but was soon changed to Ora, "the shadow's secret".
Ora was soon to be Queen and had many dreams, but they were not of leadership. Her dreams were of sorcery and learning of the dark arts. Striving to become a sorceress, and a master of theiving and trickery, Malnina took to the streets dressed in a cloak with one goal-to learn. But she was not the only one who was wishing to learn, the king, too had sent guards out at every corner in the city of Eliya.
Soon the young princess was banished by her own father to Hepsei, the shadowed land.
Once she arrived, Malnina refused to tell anyone who she was and claimed her name was Ora, and that her revenge would come to the royal family and the sister who took her place-Rianna.
Faerie Legends tell of Ora still out there in Hepsei, somwhere, plotting revenge, and the only way you can tell if that figure in the shadows is Ora, is the cloak that hangs over her shoulders.